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The Dunya Project accepted into Web Summit’s ALPHA Program in Lisbon

Early Stage Startup from Canada goes Global in its aim to disrupt the food distribution industry

TORONTO (August 23, 2018) — In November, the Dunya Project will be joining startups from around the world as it participates in the Web Summit’s ALPHA program. As an early stage startup, the ALPHA program provides the Dunya Project with the opportunity to connect with an international audience of companies, investors and decision-makers who can help make food more accessible.

“In knowing that over 793 million people around the world are starving is heartbreaking. Our food system is broken, with growing poverty, war, climate Change, depletion of farm lands, polluted waterways and carbon footprint of food transportation alone result in millions of tons of food goes waste annually while many are left hungry still,” said Sugeevan Shanmuganathan, Founder & CEO of the Dunya Project. “With the Dunya Project, it is an opportunity to redefine the very concept of food itself and reinvent the way we produce food altogether.”

The Dunya Project empowers communities and businesses to grow their own crops in an environmentally conscious way, closer to home. The modular habitat is a self-contained environment that is climate controlled and easy-to-assemble use for hydroponic farming. The habitats consist of compact environments inspired by beehive biomimicry and come as an easy-to-assemble flat-pack system requiring minimal manpower and basic tools for construction. Created with convenience in mind, each unit can be shipped anywhere in the world and is the size of a small backyard shed when assembled. The habitats can also be easily dismantled and moved for repurposing, and single units can anchor a larger system with the addition of multiple habitats to create a bigger, eco-conscious footprint that yields greater output.

“When you’re given the chance to really immerse yourself into communities where food scarcity is the norm and then you return home to a place like Canada where many of us are living in such abundance, you’re granted with an entirely different perspective on life,” said Sugeevan.

Dunya’s modular habitats offer a holistic approach and tangible solution to current greenhouse and hydroponic system challenges. They are also cost effective, using less power and water than traditional farming systems. Each unit represents a highly accessible, multi-user agricultural system that is easily adaptable to various environments. This includes making a considerable difference for millions of people struggling with food scarcity and offering an opportunity for agricultural empowerment and education.


About The Dunya Project:
Established in 2016, the Dunya Project is a Canadian-based early stage startup that is reinventing the food distribution industry by empowering communities to grow their own crops in an environmental conscious way to alleviate food scarcity and enable accessibility.

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