Meet Team Dunya


Sugeevan Shanmuganathan
Founder & CEO

As an innovator, Sugeevan is passionate about using tech for good. Having travelled globally and seen the devastation that food scarcity has on vulnerable communities, he sought to provide a solution with the Dunya Project. Prior to returning to school to complete a degree in Digital Futures, Sugeevan was a mechanical & piping designer for AMEC Foster Wheeler working on international mining and construction projects for eight years. His background includes design engineering, and has worked on programming of robotic arms, prototyping with 3d printing technology and motion capture sensors and various other technologies. Sugeevan is also a former member of the Canadian Military Reserves.


Dr. Shiv Sivapalan
Chief Operating Officer

A family doctor by profession, Shiv believes in the potential for change the Dunya Project can have on developing countries, specifically refugee camps. As a social doer, he has helped create and run various social impact projects both at the local and global level. He brings a skill set essential for carrying out projects and programs with limited resources and funding. With an interest in child development issues, Shiv has also designed a unique and efficient model for screening autism within newcomer families and developed a task-shifting model for mental health support for parents and siblings of children with autism.


Sumi Shan
Chief Strategy Officer

As a founder, connector and former politico, Sumi has helped launch numerous businesses globally. She is an award-winning management professional with experience working with tech giants like Microsoft, early-stage startups, governments and not-for-profit organizations over the last 17+ years. Her expertise includes business development, procurement processes, marketing, strategic planning and partnership building. As a social doer she is keenly interested in advancing innovation to tackle social challenges.


Sagar Bokhataria
Chief Financial Officer

A financial professional with mechanical engineering and skilled trades background, Sagar has developed an aptitude towards design work and bringing concepts into reality. He has a degree in business management from the University of Toronto specializing in accounting and has previously worked with Brookfield, PwC and TD Canada Trust. His passion for the Dunya Project stems from his visits to India where millions of people are malnourished and starving each day. Sagar believes that he can make a positive change with Dunya and help drive social impact to help these ailing countries in the world.


A few of our advisers:

L:R: Daphne Jackson, Alan Costello, Michael Hilliard, Howard Munroe, Ian Clarke

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Founder’s Message

Having travelled the world these last few years, I have come into contact with communities on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to food equality. Progressive suburbs in developed countries have access to an abundance of fresh and nutritious foods, while smaller, rural communities and villages in countries where populations continue to increase at a rapid rate experience the complete opposite. The gap between these populations is striking, and this scarcity in the production and distribution of basic food necessities compelled me to devote my time to an extensive exploration of the use of hydroponics.

I believe the equal distribution of food across communities throughout the world is just one of the keys to prolonging the health and prosperity of the human population while putting an end to world suffering and climate change. As a result, I been heavily invested in contributing to this change, which I believe can be accomplished both in Canada and globally.

~Sugeevan Shanmuganathan