The Dunya Project

The Dunya Project is defined by its unique approach to helping empower change and ensure food equity globally. It is expected that by 2050, the world’s population will have increased to 9.7 billion according to a forecast by the United Nations. Increased population and consumption will place unparalleled demand on the current world’s food systems. Current agricultural systems are damaging arable land, biodiversity and the waterways, causing increased greenhouse emissions and adding to the accelerated climate change. The current global food system is broken. To meet the future food needs, the system must change.

The Dunya Project combines the efficiency of hydroponics, versatility of modular design, the infusion of data analytics and the power of the sharing economy to address: 

  • Scarcity of nutrient-dense foods in developing countries and remote communities

  • Access to fresh locally grown food in urban neighbourhoods

  • Water conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases associated with traditional agricultural techniques and food transportation

The Dunya Project provides connected modular hydroponic habitats that are easy-to-assemble, self-contained, climate-controlled and scalable mode of farming. It is a flat-pack system that is low in cost, enabling farmers to grow produce quickly year-round, within various climate conditions without soil, no pesticides, and 90% less water use. The roots are fed by slow trickle of recycled nutrient-rich water which allows for a minimal carbon footprint. 

The habitat is an innovative lightweight hydroponic system that ensures easy transport and assembly and is designed for use across climate conditions around the world. Inspired by the construction of a beehive, units can be linked together to empower larger growing systems which can compete with larger farming productions but utilizing less land area. This can be extremely beneficial for communities that are highly dependent on agriculture. 

Most importantly, it is a system that can be low tech or high-tech as needed by incorporating Amma – Dunya’s free precision farming sensor interface app to track and monitor growth and the Dunya digital marketplace that aims to promotes user interaction to facilitate trade and community bonding.


Imagine the transformational change of being able to produce enough food to sustain our increasing population by enabling communities to grow food locally anywhere and in any condition – this is Dunya.